Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Organic Grenaches

Just scored a case of 2008 Qupe Grenache on sale from Suburban Wines for $19.99 a bottle. It's biodynamic and gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Later vintages cost much more.

Today's prices for Qupe's Grenache are up to around $30 a bottle.

And crazy as it may seem, Beckmen's grenache can be found for $47 a bottle!

In addition to Qupe's, if you'd like to try another locally made grenache, Testa's old vine grapes (organic) go into Horse and Plow's organic grenache - and the 2010 has just been released. It's $22 a bottle. Very limited production (last year only 60 cases) so be sure to act now.

The other affordable option is Bonny Doon's 2010 Clos de Gilroy ($18/bottle - free shipping on cases right now). Almost 2,400 cases made. But it's only partially organic.

If you prefer a French grenache, Kermit Lynch has the following two (organic) as well:

Domaine Gramenon wines are organic and bio-dynamic. Prices are $$27.00-35.00
Catherine Le Goeuil, $22.00

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