Monday, October 17, 2011

Green's Restaurant in SF Labeling Nonorganic Wines Organic?

I spent a lovely warm evening enjoying the new Happy Hour at Green's restaurant tonight - I was especially excited to see a number of new wines that were labeled organic on their Happy Hour wines by the glass list.

I was so excited I started calling the wineries I had not known were organic to see if they had wines I could include in my app or on my Google Maps map of organic and biodynamic wineries.

Imagine my dismay and later horror when several of the wineries (marked organic on Green's list) I called told me they not only were they not only not organically certified - they were not even organic.

It's one thing to say you're organic and don't believe in certification (I don't agree, but...) but it's quite another when the wineries even say they're not organic.

Shocking indeed - if you can't trust a Zen vegetarian pillar of the community, what has the world come to? I've emailed Green's wine director Mike Hale to find out the rest of the story.

After that, I started perusing the full wine list and saw many more entries of wines listed as organic that are not.

If I hear back from Mike, I'll keep you posted.

I would recommend asking any restaurant that labels a wine as organic if it has an organic label on the bottle and to show it to you.

UPDATE 10-18

Mike very kindly replied by email and is making needed corrections on labels on the Green's restaurant wine list to remove organic labels from wines that are not organic. 

They may consider three different labels - i.e. certified organic, biodynamic, and another category for the wines that say they are organic but are not certified.

Phone calls and emails I sent out to a number of wineries are also being answered by the wineries.

Most of the wines listed as organic are not certified, and at least a few that are marked organic are not.

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