Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Raise an Organic Glass to Fish Restaurant

I was happy Sunday to dine at Fish restaurant in Sausalito, everybody's favorite seaside place. As a born and bred East-Coaster who lived on the coast of Maine for 7 years, I can't help but have a soft spot for any outdoor place where one can eat sustainably fished seafood with a killer view of the water.

So it was with a special glee that I discovered that, to my great astonishment, the wonderful folks at Fish now have a 99% organic wine list! Some of my favorite Mendo vineyards were represented - McFadden's Pinot Gris, Elizabeth Spencer's Sauvignon Blanc (via Norma Gibson's vineyard) and a few other choice selections. (The online web site wine list doesn't list them - apparently it is not up to date - or I could recap more of them for you).

I called the restaurant today to offer my praise and thanks but the line was busy numerous times. So if you should happen to drop by, please tell them for me, would you?

I'm planning to meet some friends at Ajanta - a favorite East Bay Indian restaurant - and emailed them today about why they don't seem to have any organic wines on their wine list. Could this be a movement? Could we all start doing this soon?

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