Sadly our apps are currently unavailable. (Our app platform provider decided to dissolve their company). The archived descriptions below tell you more about the apps that were available 2014-2015.

We now offer personal wine buying services and wine tour trip planning

We are now developing a web site that will include all the information that was in the apps - and more wines from more regions in the U.S. and are seeking business partners to help us make the site international. If you are interested, please get in touch.


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Additional information is available at Organically Napa and Biodynamic Wine Finder


Explore our 7 apps that connect consumers to more than 500 wines from certified organic or Biodynamic vines in the U.S. 

All of the apps ($9.99) are available for Apple and Android devices including phones and tablets. Enjoy learning about these wines and supporting the people who carefully grow grapes without harmful chemicals and make many of America's finest wines.

(All of the wines in the apps are made with sulfites and classified as "Made with Organic Grapes" or "Ingredients: Organic Grapes.")


Organically Napa: Wine Finder 

Features more than 200+ fine wines from certified vines in Napa. Find the country's best Cabs and more from top producers at prices from $20-400.

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Organically Napa: A Tasting and Touring Guide 

Visit the producers with certified vines in Napa. Just under 10 percent of the county's vineyards are now certified organic or Biodynamic, giving consumers a wide selection of wineries to explore. Interactive features help users select which wineries to visit. Dynamic location-aware mapping guides users to their destinations.

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Organically Sonoma: Wine Finder

Find more than 200+ fine wines from certified vines in Sonoma, including the best Cabs from the Mayacamas, Sonoma Coast Pinots, Dry Creek Syrah and Zin, and great wines from Sonoma's historic vineyards.

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Organically Sonoma: A Tasting and Touring Guide

Visit 45+ top wine producers with certified vines in Sonoma. Interactive features help users select which wineries to visit. Dynamic location-aware mapping guides users to their destinations.

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Biodynamic Wine Finder

 Discover Demeter certified wines and wine from Demeter certified Biodynamic vineyards - more than 275 in all! Get info on visiting these wineries from Beaverton, Oregon to Santa Barbara, California. 

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  1. I tried to find the Organically Napa app on Android but it does not come up in google play. I am in Canada. Is this app not available in Canada?

    1. The apps are not currently available due to the fact that the developer who made the platform has dissolved that platform (it was called Sutromedia). I am hoping to launch them again and will make an announcement on this blog when they are available again. Sign up to receive an email when they do launch by signing up at this blog for blog posts via email or visit to sign up for the email list there.