Friday, June 29, 2018

French TV Exposé on Dangerous Vineyard Pesticides (Used Next to Schools): Cash Investigations Strikes Again

In 2016, winemakers divided the year into two eras: pre Cash Investigation and post Cash Investigation, after the French TV show did a 90 min. special on pesticides and health, especially children's health, that aired nationally. The show is the equivalent of the U.S. program 60 Minutes.

It galvanized the nation against the use of pesticides, especially near schools, and started a national debate that has led to the country's political leaders vowing to end the use of glyphosate.

Well, Cash Investigation is back again here in 2018 with a new show on pesticides - and you can watch it in its entirety here. (It is in French, but you can probably understand a lot of the story.) The video above is a snippet from the production; see the whole 90 minutes below.

Would that we had such reporting in the U.S.

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