Monday, September 12, 2016

America's Two Biggest Organic and Biodynamic Wineries Up for Wine Enthusiast's Top Awards

Wine Enthusiast magazine's top awards for Person of the Year, Winery of the Year, Importer of the Year and other categories were posted today and organic and Biodynamic producers and importers were nominated in a number of top spots.

While organic and Biodynamic producers represent fewer than 3 percent of wineries in America, two of the five top nominees - or 40% - were those with organic and Biodynamic vines. In fact, these two nominees - Bonterra and King Estate - each have the largest organic and Biodynamic estates in the country. 

In organics, King has 465 contiguous acres of organic vines; Bonterra has 900+ acres of organic vines and sources from an additional 900 acres owned by growers. 

In Biodynamics, King will soon have 465 acres of Biodynamic vines; Bonterra has 290 acres of Biodynamic estate vineyards.

Bonterra, the largest producer of organically farmed wines in the U.S.. making more than 350,000 cases a year, won an industry award earlier this year as a "Hot Brand," marking its 19+% growth in a 12 month period. 

It sources from 1,800+ acres of organic vines, including 300+ acres of Biodynamic vineyards.

The Mendocino based producer recently launched a new web site which, laudably, gives credit where credit is often not given - to its growers. And it became a B-certified corporation, on top of all of its other sustainable and green credentials.

It's 20 years old this year.

King Estate, which has the largest organic vineyard in Oregon, is on the verge of being certified Biodynamic this month. It makes 400,000 cases of wine, but only a small portion - 2,000+ cases - is made solely from estate vines. (The rest is blended with grapes from non-organic growers in the area). The 1,000 acre estate property has is also home to large vegetable gardens and orchards, which provide food for its fine dining, gourmet restaurant.

Two of the five nominated importers also feature a large number of organic and Biodynamic producers in their portfolios - Domain Select Wine and Spirits and Skurnik Wines.

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