Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Grand Cru Breakthrough - Bordeaux's Fonplegade Wines Labeled Organic

Congratulations to Fonplegade for putting organic on the label.

While many a winery grows grapes organically, few bottle label it - especially in Bordeaux.  Now, another name can be added to the list of those who are proud to say they are making an organically grown product.

Fonplegarde is owned by the American couple, Stephen and Denise Adams. Mrs. Adams is an organic gardener who enjoys organic gardening at their home in Connecticut.

The Adamses also have Adamvs, a Howell Mountain winery, with Philippe Melka as the consulting winemaker. (I visited recently - a great pleasure - and will share photos soon).
Fonplegarde, owned by the Adamses, is a Saint-Émilion Grand Cru and the
third in the region to put organic on the label

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