Friday, June 20, 2014

Coronation Day: A Russian River Centric View of the Spanish Monarchy's Transition

You can't plan these things, but as the old New Age teeshirt used to say, "Synchronicity happens."

In researching the Organically Sonoma apps, I finally caught up with Marimar Estates yesterday, visiting this piece of organic Russian River heaven on a glorious day.

On top of the Chardonnay (anointed with a 90 pt. score from Robert Parker) and the Albarino (another rave review from Parker), and the delicious tapas (the final installment in the winery's plan to seduce you) is the feeling of Spain that permeates every aspect of the estate's personality (except for the Burgundian varietals - a when-in-Rome change that was a must for grapes grown in this cool climate vineyard region).

Not only is the Torres family Spanish wine aristocracy (with a $1 billion wine empire across several continents), they know the real Spanish aristocracy.

Below the family portraits depicting the powerful parents of proprietor Marimar Torres, I came across the photos on display of Prince Felipe of Spain on a visit to the winery in the 1990's. Only on that day, yesterday, at that moment, he was becoming King Felipe VI of Spain.

Enjoy these photos of Marimar's estate and if you haven't been there yet, make a plan now to visit this western Sonoma getaway - fit for princes and kings alike. Raise a glass…of which Marimar wine? It's up to you.

Here's CNN's coronation coverage.

For fashion coverage of the event, click here.

For more about the actual wines at Marimar, check out the Organically Sonoma apps.

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