Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Italian Wine Class - February 23-24 at Perbacco in SF

I don't usually publicize wine classes but I have to make an exception for the upcoming Itlian Wine Specialist class that will be offered at Perbacco in February this year.

A former roommate of mine is the bartender at this fine restaurant (boasting one of the best wine lists of Italian wines in SF if not the U.S.) was the first to tell me of this course. I took it last spring and was mighty impressed with the level of instruction from the two teachers (one from Piedmont and one from Milan/Campania) and their attention to the regional terroir and varietals in the whole breadth and width of Italy.

The tastings were hit or miss, but the lectures were fact-filled and the course materials offered a wealth of information unavailable elsewhere.

By the end of the two days of lectures, filled with slides and maps, you'll feel as if you've been across all the mountain ranges and valleys of this Mediterranean country.

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