Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baseball and Organic Wine? The Perfect Pairing

A friend who's a total Giants fan and knows all too well how into organically grown wine I am called the other day to say he'd discovered a new winery for my list. What, say I? (I thought I had collected them all....thinking of them, as I do, as baseball cards that you collect.) A NEW winery?

"Are you sure they're organic," I said.

"Well look at their web site," my friend said, and so I did. (You can, too - it's right here.)

Sure enough, here's a great article about Simaine Cellars, the winery I never heard of, with organically grown wine, and a great story, to boot. I'll tell you more after I visit - and taste.

The good news is that not only are most of their wines organically grown, they also are mostly dry farmed.

And... they advertise on Giants games. I look forward to the day when buying organically grown wine is that mainstream....and thanks to Simaine Cellars for heading us in that direction.

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