Monday, March 5, 2012

"Newly Discovered" Organic Wines: Carol Shelton, Tyler

I am always scouting for new organically grown wines and am happy that I found two new-to-me wines/wineries last week to add to my Google map of organically grown wines/wineries.

Carol Shelton, renowned for her Zins, has a rose that in some years is all organic (ask her which years), and a couple of Zins (Wild Things 2000-2007 and then 2009, and Monga - all vintages) that are sourced from certified organic fruit (solely)

Tyler Wine, at higher end price points at the western edge of the Santa Rita Hills AVA in Lompoc is also sourcing a few wines organically (from La Encantada and Presidio vineyards).

Synchronistically, Tyler got a big writeup in the Sunday Chronicle. It's here for those of you who want to read more. I like the quote from Dick Sanford (the godfather of this AVA) in it myself.

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