Friday, February 17, 2012

California Wine Exports Up: 20% of Overall Sales

In 2011, California vintners increased exports to countries where currency exchange rates made U.S. wines more attractive. 

Exports from the U.S. increased 22% last year to a record high of $1.39 billion. Volume was up nearly 6%. That represents a growth of 275% from 1994 to 2011 (from $196 million to $541 million).

The U.S. is now fourth in wine production - behind France, Italy and Spain.
A third ($478 million) of exported U.S. wine went to Europe with revenue rising 10% from 2010 while volume was up only 1.4% (28 million cases).
Other major destinations are Canada, $379 million, up 23 percent; Hong Kong, $163 million, up 39 percent; Japan, $105 million, up 39 percent; and China, $62 million, up 42 percent.

There is no breakdown of how organically grown wines fit into these statistics.

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