Sunday, March 13, 2022

A Winery Raises Its Voice: How Can "Sustainable" Include Herbicides Like Roundup?

When people tell me organic is not profitable, I always refer them to Emiliana, an organic only winery in Chile that exports 1 million cases of organically grown wine around the globe to 50 countries.

They are profitable, practice healthy agriculture, etc., etc.  (In fact the estate, which produces two thirds of the grapes it uses, is also certified biodynamic.) And Emiliana is still growing rapidly, buying new land for vineyards further south in Chile.

Now they are the only winery in the world (that I have seen) to raise the issue of glyphosate based herbicides publicly–and in a finance magazine, no less.

See Sebastian Tramon's eloquent voice here, asking authorities and the Chilean food and wine industry to do better, when it comes to using herbicides like Roundup. As he points out in his opinion piece in Financial Diary (in Chile), "The Correct Sustainability" would prioritize organic agriculture as only this type of farming is healthier. Instead of kicking the can down the road for future generations to detoxify the soil and water, organic producers don't use toxins that attack biodiverse ecosystems. 

And as hundreds of successful organic producers around the world know, consumers support organic.

You can more easily read this by downloading this here.

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