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Pam (after moderating a Demeter winemakers
panel) with Demeter USA Board Member
 Fred Kirschenmann at SHED Healdsburg
A leading specialist on American wines from organic and biodynamic vineyards, Pam Strayer is the author and publisher of 7 apps as well as forthcoming new web sites for consumers.

Currently she is serving as the Conference Program Director for the International Biodynamic Wine Conference, which will be held in San Francisco May 6-7, 2018.

She also speaks, moderates panels and acts as a resource in the wine industry for those who want to learn more about organically and biodynamically grown wines.

She has studied wine at the North American Sommelier Association and U.C. Davis and holds a certificate from U. C. Berkeley Extension in wine. 

A former environmental journalist, she won a New England Press Association award for her coverage on Maine Yankee nuclear power plant and remains a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists. She has consulted to environmental groups including UN Environmental Award winner Huey Johnson and his Resource Renewal Institute and the 50 environmental groups in David Brower's Earth Island Institute in Berkeley.

She has also produced dozens of films for Apple, PBS, Turner, and others and created major, pioineering interactive projects for Apple and Intel. Other clients include Jerry Garcia, the Dalai Lama, and the office of the UN Sec. General.

Pam moderating a Demeter USA short course on Biodynamic
winemaking in Oregon's Willamette Valley
A health journalist in the 1990's, Pam was the editor in chief of Healthcentral.com, DNA.com and DNADirect.com as well as editor and site producer for dozens of other clients including the California Medical Association and Time Warner Cable's interactive television channel on health.

Apps featured in the LA Times
She has worked closely with leading epidemiologists, health behavior change experts, and a wide array of genetics researchers from Harvard, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins with whom she launched WebMD's two channels on genetics (one for consumers and one for physicians).

A communicator who put health risks into perspective on many fronts, she became aware of the impacts to human, plant and animal health from conventional and "sustainable" vineyard farming practices.

In response, she decided to try a wine drinking experiment that would explore what "sacrifices" might be involved in drinking wine only from certified vines. She's found more than 1,300 in the U.S. alone with a higher than average proportion of America's finest wines represented.

As a wine writer, Pam has been a regular attendee of the Wine Writers Symposium in Napa and has written for Beverage Media Group, a wine merchant publication, and Wines & Vines, the leading magazine for the wine industry, as well as for Wine Enthusiast, reaching a wide consumer audience.

Described by Alder Yarrow as "the go to person on organic and Biodynamic wines," she has been featured on Carol Grieves podcast series Food Integrity Now, speaking about organic and Biodynamically grown wines, and her apps were featured (on Earth Day) in the Los Angeles Times.

Pam has also moderated events for Demeter USA for both the general public and industry audiences in California and Oregon. She is currently consulting to Demeter USA on the first International Biodynamic Wine Conference which will take place May 6-7, 2018 in San Francisco.

She dreams of a day when no one will have to ask, "Is this wine organic?" - i.e. organically grown (which is how the world was until about 1920).

To get in touch, email her here.

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