Friday, May 8, 2020

Day Two: The Webinaring in Place Diaries - My Two Cents Reviews

Today, there were just two webinars on my list but both were first rate.

Gerard Bertrand Wines with U.S. Brand Manager Nicholas Galy and Lea Bonvoisin*****

Geneva Wine Shop in Geneva, Illinois offered two wines to local residents to accompany a tasting with Bertrand reps today and participants could appear in video if they chose. I wasn't able to get the wines (since I joined at the last minute and live in California) but the shop very kindly allowed me to participate as an attendee in the webinar.

For months, I have tried to get basic info - biodynamic production stats - from the PR firm that represents Bertrand in the U.S. to no avail. So it was enormously helpful to be able to get answers in real time from both of the Bertrand reps, who gave a polished presentation on the regions and farming styles across the Bertrand portfolio. The brand makes 1 million cases of wine and I have always wondered what portion was biodynamic, since this is a huge part of the brand story.

The answer? 157,000 cases, which is about 15% of production. All 550 acres of estate grapes are certified biodynamic and more in the certification pipeline. It was heartening to see wine fans on camera in the Zoom call, who loved some of these wines and another that the leaders promised would be featured in an upcoming tasting.

On Zoom

Tablas Creek: Neil Collins and His Son Austin on Esprit de Tablas Blanc and Grenache Noir*****

The father-son duo covered two wines in their Facebook Live online tasting. As the pre-eminent Rhone wine winery in the U.S., Tablas stands out for super star quality and variety. It's lovely that there are three sections of the visuals so you can relate to the vines as well as the wines.

The commentary was engaging and didn't feel canned, like some winemaker presentations do. Neil's history at the estate is a great asset as well, since he can compare vintages and vine development.

See for yourself on the winery's Facebook where all the tastings are featured.

Saturday Tastings:

3 pm Frog's Leap on sustainability

4 pm Pinot Noir

See VirtualWineEvents for details.

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