Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Costco Scores on Organic and Biodynamic Wines This Week

I don't often shop at Costco, but, in a new record, I went twice this week. And I was amazed at what I found. Often it's not exciting, but in both the San Leandro and Richmond stores I found some excellent imports.

In San Leandro, I went to buy Prosecco and found none. But I did score a beautiful organic rosé from Provence - Chateau de Beaupre - a classic producer - for $12.99 a bottle.

The next day (today), I went in search of Prosecco (for aperitivos for the summer) in Costco's Richmond store and found, to my amazement, a classic biodynamic Valpolicello from Cort Sant'Alda.  $17.99. Only 2,000 cases made and some came to the East Bay.

I also found other organic producers from the U.S. including Heitz Cellars' lovely Sauvignon Blanc for $22.99. It lists for $23.99 on, but at least it's at Costco (convenient).

In the red wine department, I found Long Meadow Ranch (Napa Cab) for $38.99 and Laurel Glen's estate Cab for just $59.99 (usually $80).

Costco keeps you guessing, that's for sure.

I will say the selection in Richmond was much better than in San Leandro.

Of course, none of the signage (with the exception of the back of the bottle of rosé) showed you that these wines were from organic vines, so you would just have to know that from having studied this for a decade as I have. That is not good.

Anyway it pays to acquire this knowledge...and I'll be teaching soon, so can share more with everyone.


  1. At our store/winebar in Redmond WA (, I began shelf-tagging "Organic/Biodynamic" wines over a year ago, to give people some guidance on the matter precisely for the reason noted above (labels don't often say) Joel Butler MW

    1. Well done. Are you able to make sure the wines are actually from certified vines? I have found a lot of wines are mislabeled...i.e. said to be organic but are not...what's your experience been like?