Friday, September 13, 2019

German TV Documentary Profiles Bayer's Dilemma and the Scientists on the Right Side of History

Tow days ago, DW, Germany's public television service, broadcast an in-depth 45 minute documentary on the science and ag business impacts of the current controversy over Monsanto's glyphosate based products.

 Level headed television journalists interview a wide variety of participants in the story, from industry officials to farmers who defend herbicide spraying to farmers whose families got cancer.

 Some of the leading scientists, including one who participated in IARC's landmark 2015 ruling that the herbcide was a probable carcinogen, are featured. (I wish some others like, Antoniou from London and Seralini in France, had been included).

 A few of the comments surprised me. Locals who live near Bayer are upset because the company's had to cut back some divisions, meaning their adult children (who parented their grandchildren) are going to lose their jobs over Bayer's lack of financial foresight.

 In another segment, an industry spokesman says court decisions and jury decisions don't matter. Only the rulings of regulators mean something to him.

 Of course, IARC, which is a pure science group (and notably not regulatory), was the only entity initially brave enough to look at the evidence and not be cowed by industry lobbyists pressuring regulators.

 Yet even in 1983, the EPA's toxicologists and regulators, ruled against glyphosate--initially. Enjoy the rest of the story here (in English) on YouTube.


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