Friday, June 20, 2014

Raise a Glass of Zin: Organically Sonoma Apps Now Live!

Our Organically Sonoma apps just went live in the Apple App store! (Android versions should launch within a day or two, too!)

These are the first and only guides to fine wines from certified organic or Biodynamic vineyards in Sonoma!


• More than 200+ wines from Dry Creek Zins to Sonoma Coast Pinots and Moon Mountain Cabernets

• All are from certified vineyards, but most are not bottle labeled with their organic certification

• Wines range from every day wines ($10) to world class collector wines ($150+) and everything in between

• Old vine wines from historic Sonoma vineyards

• More than 50 wines are rated 90+ points by major wine critics

The companion app Organically Sonoma: A Tasting and Touring Guide is a comprehensive guide to finding and visiting the wineries behind these fine wines.

Both apps update often with new releases and ongoing information.

Enjoy these screens from Organically Sonoma: Wine Finder.


  1. $10 ? hmm... on the steep side for an app, no?

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  3. The app has as much content as a 150 page book.

    The author receives only one third of the price; the developer and the App store the other two thirds. The app content took more than 12-15 weeks of intensive research and writing. So…is that worth $10?

    If these 200 wine listings were a book, the cost would be much closer to $20. Jon Bonne's New California Wine costs $35. This app has more content and more photos than that book.